Hobcaw Fly Fishing Adventures

Fishable Days

We will wade the flats on extreme high tide and sight fish for tailing redfish. These fish come on the flats during extreme high tides to feed on the many fiddler and blue crabs that inhabit the marsh. The effects of the new and the full moon create extremely high tides, about 6-8 days each month. During the warmer months of the year this presents an excellent opportunity for the redfish to feast on the crabs. The salt marsh at Hobcaw Barony has varying tide fluctuations so we can move from one area to another during the rising tide and fish for about 3-4 hours, depending on tidal conditions and wind. This experience is as much like hunting as it is like fishing, we will wade the flats until we see a fish tailing and then set up and cast to the redfish with crab like patterns. It's a great experience and one that any fly fisherman will enjoy.

Depending on water temperatures, there may be good fishing days in November.

2017 Hobcaw Wading Tides
Month Day/Date High Tide Tide Height Note
May Mon/22 6:15pm 5.5
Tue/23 7:15pm 5.9
Wed/24 8:00pm 6.3
Thur/25 9:00pm 6.5 Short Trip
June Tue/20 6:00pm 5.6
Wed/21 7:00pm 6
Thur/22 7:45pm 6.3
Fri/23 8:45pm 6.5 Short Trip
July Tue/18 4:30pm 5.5
Wed/19 5:30pm 5.7
Thur/20 6:30pm 6
Fri/21 7:30pm 6.2
Sat/22 8:30pm 6.4
Sun/23 9:15pm 6.5 Short Trip
August Tue/15 3:15pm 5.5
Wed/16 4:15pm 5.6
Thur/17 5:15pm 5.8
Fri/18 6:15pm 5.9
Sat/19 7:15pm 6.1
Sun/20 8:15pm 6.2 Short Trip
Mon/21 8:45am 5.5
Tue/22 9:30am 5.5
Wed/23 10:15am 5.5
Thur/24 11:15am 5.5
Sept Thur/7 9:45am 5.5
Fri/8 10:15am 5.5
Sat/9 11:00am 5.6
Sun/10 Noon 5.6
Mon/11 1:00pm 5.6
Tue/12 2:00pm 5.6
Wed/13 3:00pm 5.6
Thur/14 4:00pm 5.7
Fri/15 5:00pm 5.8
Sat/16 6:00pm 5.9
Sun/17 7:00pm 6
Mon/18 7:30am 5.5
Tue/19 8:30am 5.7
Wed/20 9:15am 5.8
Thur/21 10:00am 5.8
Fri/22 10.45am 5.7
Sat/23 11:30am 5.5
October Mon/2 6:45pm 5.5
Wed/4 7:45am 5.5
Thur/5 8:30am 5.8
Fri/6 9:15am 6.1
Sat/7 10:00am 6.2
Sun/8 10:45am 6.2
Mon/9 11:45am 6.1
Tue/10 12:45pm 6
Wed/11 1:45pm 5.8
Thur/12 2:45pm 5.7
Fri/13 3:45pm 5.6
Sat/14 4:45pm 5.6
Sun/15 6:00pm 5.6
Mon/16 6:30am 5.5 Note: AM & PM tides this day
Mon/16 6:45pm 5.6
Tue/17 7:15am 5.6
Wed/18 8:00am 5.8
Thur/19 8:45am 5.9
Fri/20 9:30am 5.9
Sat/21 10:15am 5.7
Sun/22 11:00am 5.5
Mon/23 11:30am 5.4 5.4 tide is marginal

Note: Info from saltwatertides.com

Note: Tide times rounded to closest 15 minute

Note: Entries in red are morning fishing dates