Hobcaw Fly Fishing Adventures

Fly Fish with Capt. Steve Thomas

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Wade while fly fishing the pristine salt marsh creeks and flats of Hobcaw Barony for tailing redfish, locally called spot tail bass, with experienced guide and fly fisherman Capt. Steve Thomas. Hobcaw Barony is located on the Grand Strand of South Carolina between Myrtle Beach and Georgetown. Enjoy the beauty of the flats and the salt marsh creeks while seeing many of our local birds and other wildlife.

We will wade the flats on extreme high tide and sight fish for tailing redfish. These fish come on the flats during extreme high tides to feed on the many fiddler and blue crabs that inhabit the marsh. The effects of the new and the full moon create extremely high tides, about 6-8 days each month. During the warmer months of the year this presents an excellent opportunity for the redfish to feast on the crabs. The salt marsh at Hobcaw Barony has varying tide fluctuations so we can move from one area to another during the rising tide and fish for about 3-4 hours, depending on tidal conditions and wind. This experience is as much like hunting as it is like fishing, we will wade the flats until we see a fish tailing and then set up and cast to the redfish with crab like patterns. It's a great experience and one that any fly fisherman will enjoy.

Due to the nature of this type of fishing, a maximum of two anglers per trip are allowed. Early morning and late evening is normally better fishing than mid-day. Windy conditions can have a serious effect on tides and ability to see fish. We will meet you in the parking lot of the Hobcaw Barony Discovery Center for a ride to the fishing area. All fishing gear and flies tied by your guide will be provided or you may bring your own equipment. There are no boats involved, we will drive you directly to the fishing area and use the vehicle to move from one fishing area to the other. If you are not an experienced fly fisherman, lessons can be provided. Spin casting equipment will be provided if you do not wish to fly fish, but the opportunities to catch fish will be limited with spinning gear. All fishing will be catch and release only. Our guide will have a camera to photograph you with your catch and we will mail you a picture of your trophy, or bring your own camera in a waterproof bag. Fish can be measured if you desire to have reproduction mount ordered.